Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seeing Baby #4

We drove a little over an hour away from our home to catch a glimpse of our newest family member! Richard, the kids and I met my parents at the 3D ultrasound facility.

After filling out some paperwork, then having my belly squirted with gel, we caught our first glimpses of our little one. Baby had its hand (and later, its feet) close to its face most of the time, but we were able to get some good shots. We're a bit disappointed with the video - it's not as clear as the pictures - but the pictures are great!

Best of all, we told the tech we didn't want to know the gender and... the tech didn't let us down. Baby's secret is still SAFE!

I can't stop staring at the pictures!!! What a thrilling experience!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's 3:45 a.m. and I'm awake. I'm happy I'm awake, in a sense. If I weren't blessed with this pregnancy, in all likelihood, I would be asleep; so, please don't take this post as a complaint, but merely a chronicle of an experience I want to share.

I'm not sleeping because...
...of the pain in my side,
...the frequent during-the-night restroom treks,
...the cramp in my leg,
...the three-point turn around I go through to shift from one side to the other when I'm uncomfortable,
...the baby shifting around - I suppose baby gets uncomfortable, too,
...I can't get the pillows "just right"

But I also think of the good things about being awake...
...blogging and Facebook when few I know are also online (actually, it's kind of lonely)
...knowing that in a few months I'll be awake during the night feeding my little one and this is just the warm up,
...hearing the voice of my little boy talking in his sleep (sweet),
...peeking in on my children and giving them little kisses and watching them wiggle around when I do so,
...balancing my checkbook - wait - maybe not so good!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tricky Sings Her Favorite Song

The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Website:

A new website was launched a couple of weeks ago. From a HUGE selection of rosaries, books and chaplets, to rosary resources - how to pray the rosary, mysteries of the rosary, and the history of the rosary - this website is a wonderful resource for all things... well, rosary!

Check out the new site!
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