Monday, November 30, 2009

Nesting in Overdrive!

I've almost accomplished everything on my pre-baby TO DO LIST. One of those things was wrapping Christmas presents (I actually have a pile of birthday presents I'll wrap tonight, with any luck). Although, we won't put our tree up for a while, the presents are done.

I also had my husband keep the kids occupied over the weekend while I cleared out several bags full of old, broken, not used toys.

I've cleaned out closets, vacuumed every nook and cranny in the house, dusted things I haven't dusted in a while (like ceiling fan blades). I've rearranged the china cabinet, the cleaning supplies cabinet, and the under sink cabinets.

I spent two hours over the weekend cleaning up in the basement.

I still need to go through the pantry and the medicine cabinet and throw out the expired goods.

Why? Baby won't need food, china, or the basement for a while... I'm cleaning up my nest for the newest hatchling. We're getting close!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekly Report for Our Week Ending 11/23/09

Wow! I've really neglecting my blog lately... it's been 3 weeks since I last posted! Between work, homeschooling, cleaning at home (read: MAJOR NESTING going on), parties, and other activities, blogging hasn't been a priority. (I'm sorry little blog.) At least I'm here right now!

We have been schooling as much as possible, given the upcoming holidays and the time we'll take off from school once the baby is here. Casey is FLYING through Saxon Math 2 - it seems as though the lessons are dotted with a lot of review, so some days we double up on lessons. Today, we'll be baking a pound cake - part math, part home economics, and part stocking up on food to freeze so we can eat (and I don't have to cook) once the baby comes.

For science, the kids are learning about dinosaurs. I thought it would be a nice, short unit to cover - and we'll get to go on a field trip or two to Fernbank! I love Fernbank! Today, we discussed meat-eating versus plant-eating dinosaurs. Even Tricky can spot a plant eater in a crowd of ravenous carnivorous dinos!

Will's reading is coming along nicely. Instead of going straight through 100 Easy Lessons, I've also tried to interject some Bob Books. He doesn't get as frustrated with this process as Casey did, thank goodness! However, Will doesn't enjoy writing or coloring or drawing. On occasion he'll draw a picture - recently, he drew one of my with the baby in my tummy. I cried - his artistic expression, at least as far as drawing pictures goes, is so rare, it usually brings tears; this picture was especially sweet.

So, that's a bit about school... On other fronts...

The baby has been trying to push its way out - via my left side. OUCH! Everything is coming along - including my stockpiling of home birth supplies. Tomorrow marks 5 weeks until my due date. Just think.... we'll be a family of 6 in a month!

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving will be this Thursday! I decided to keep it easy this year and order our food from Honey Baked Ham. Did you know they have sides and desserts - things other than just turkeys and hams? I'm so excited! And given what I'll spend at HBH, I probably would have spent the same amount of money on food and ingredients for cooking at home PLUS a lot more time and energy (and this girl is getting tired early and often these days)!

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh! And don't forget Black Friday - one of my favorite days of the year! [And, yes, I'll be out there with the rest of the deal-seekers before dawn on Friday!!!]

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our (Homemade) Countdown...

When homeschooling, anything can present itself as an opportunity for teaching... including the expected arrival of a baby.

The children have learned quite a bit - about fetal development, the birth process, baby care, etc. They are also eagerly awaiting the birth of their sibling (although they won't be at home when it happens). I've been getting a number of questions as to exactly when the baby will make his or her grand appearance. So, to help fan the fires of anticipation, the children and I made a paper chain to count down the days until the due date... complete with holidays and birthdays of our family included.

Just before bed each night, we'll rip off the day's date until the baby comes or (oh, please, no) we run out!