Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy Pants

I recently came to the realization that I have different wardrobe selections depending on what is going on in my life. I suppose this follows for most, but I thought I would share my revelation nonetheless.

Richard and I went to a function on a Thursday night where other attorneys and judges were in attendance. The function began at 6:00 p.m., so many of these attorneys and judges had just left the office (or the courtroom). I, however, had been with the children all day and didn't feel the need to escape my "at home/weekend" wardrobe. Of course, I wore clean clothes, but I had already put my 3-day work week behind me and didn't feel the need to don dress pants or a suit. Once Richard and I arrived, I felt a bit out of place. My colleagues, or the better part of them, were wearing black or navy blue suits. Not me! I had on a decent pull-over blouse (I try not to even wear clothes that button up if I've been breastfeeding during the day) and my mommy pants (these particular pants were pink). No one said anything to me, but I did hear a woman commenting on an attorney's guest's interesting skirt and felt sure that she would soon turn her points of criticism to my pants.

Obviously, I can't say that I don't care - I mean, I'm blogging about it, for crying out loud! But I am secure in my excuse. I had been happily attending my sweet ones all day until the moment came for me to leave them with their Nonnie and re-enter the world of my legal profession.

However, instead of dressing the part... I proudly wore my mommy pants!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What We've Been Up To...

It seems as thought we've been on the go for the past several weekends - not to mention all of the ground we've covered in school. Where to begin?

A few weeks ago, we went on our first camping trip of the year. Yes, the wee one went, too - and loved it! Despite the temp dropping to 45 degrees that night, the kids and I stayed cozy in our tent, sandwiched between two down comforters. I didn't even wear socks! Richard wanted to test the warmth of his mummy bag beneath the stars.

Three weekends ago, we drove out to Louisiana to enjoy the wedding of Richard's cousin. During our stay, we visited Starr Homeplace - the family's home was built by the owner's father over the course of 30 years. It was a beautiful home. There was also a barn, a music house, some out buildings (an outhouse, a store), a garden, and two ponds. They were having a hammer in - blacksmiths showing their trade. We had a wonderful time!

Two weekends ago, we went with another family to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I would say it was an appropriate field trip given our study over the course of this school year of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Appropriate since they have a smattering of things from both the Renaissance AND the Middle Ages. It also seems, given the costumes we saw, that anything old (pirates, antebellum era) or mythical (fairies, hobbits) also belonged. Oh! And shame on you if you didn't bring your worst British accent!

Last weekend, the baby and I started an infant massage class. We've both enjoyed it - and best of all, it's FREE! Free and fun are always a good combination.

On Saturday of this weekend, our family braved the Atlanta traffic to visit the High Museum of Art's Allure of the Automobile exhibit. I'm not into cars by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought this exhibit was fabulous! Among the several cars shown was Clark Gable's 1935 Duesenberg. The car looked like butter. No, really.

In addition to our fun outside the home, we've enjoyed ourselves at home, too. We've begun our Rocks and Minerals study - and during our discussion of dirt and sediments, we sampled a dirt cake. (School is always better when you can make a lesson out of something sweet to eat!) We've also started a Nature Study (using Anna Comstock's book) and put on our gardening gloves to make a wildflower bed and grow some herbs.

I've been busy purchasing books and planning for the next school year - and still trying to figure out where to put all of these new books!