Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Learning Something New

I've been wanting to work with yarn for a long time.  I was torn between crocheting and knitting.  After doing some research, I decided I wanted to learn to knit.

It seems as though knitting uses less yarn and there are so many things you can make.  But then...

I settled on crochet for a number of reasons:

My grandmother crocheted.  My grandmother passed away a little over a week ago after an extended illness.  Granted, I started teaching myself about a month ago, but I'm glad this was my choice; I suppose I think of it as a bit of a legacy.  She tried teaching me when I was around 10 or so, but all she taught me was the initial chain.   Nonetheless, I chose crochet.  Grandmother = Reason 1.

Needles.  In crochet, you only use one.  This may not be a selling point for many, but it was for me.  Needles: 1 = Reason 2.

One can crochet a variety of cute, pretty, and functional things with crochet.  Reason 3.

Finally, while at a large chain craft store, I had knitting needles and yarn in my basket and ideas in my head.  I strolled over to the knitting/crocheting books.  I thumbed through a few "how to" knit books, but it looked so complicated:  cast on, knit, purl, cast off; if you mess up, you need thread, yarn needles, and a crochet hook; etc., etc.  Not to mention, the books for knitting patterns were far outnumbered by the number of crochet books; and I liked the crochet creations better.  Reason 4 is based on books - books I have yet to buy, and given the wealth of information online, I may never buy.

So, thanks to several well-made instructional videos found online, I've learned some simple stitches.  I've made a blanket (4' X 5 1/2', weighing almost 6 pounds), a few headbands, and I've started another blanket.

Oh; I learned this weekend, while doing the physics lessons with the kids, that crochet is French for hook.  See?  I'm even learning about crochet while doing science!  ;)

At the end of 2011, the year I (almost) read a book a week [I missed my goal by 2 books], I decided that in 2012, I would rediscover my crafty side.  That said, I tend to burn out on crafts quickly.  Every 5 years or so, I cross stitch.  I'm not a sampler kind of person; instead, I choose a HUGE project, work on it diligently for 6 months, get it framed, then I don't touch DMC thread for years.  What I'm saying is, I don't know how long my craftiness will last, but for now...