Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Homeschool Library

I've learned how to post documents and databases I've created to my blog. I'm so excited! Here is my home school library, so far. I have several shelves to catalog still, but here's what I've input to date.

HS Library by Title
HS Library by Author
HS Library by Subject

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Lesson Plan Form

Here is a link to my lesson plan form.


It was originally created as an Excel spreadsheet and the version I use has the subjects typed in. Depending on the particular subject, some grid squares are smaller than others. For example, I usually have a lot more information to write in on a Grammar subject row than a P.E. or Music subject row.

Also, upon my conversion of this document to Google docs from Excel, my writing lines were lost in each of the grid squares.

I hope this may be useful to someone!

On the Road Again

We're on vacation - the good ol' visit the family kind of vacation. The kind of vacation you take when gas is over $4 a gallon and you can either go a few hours away from home so you spend your money on a hotel, or you drive 12 hours to stay with family and buy gas. We opted for the latter.

Oh...and did I mention that we spent these 12+ hours in a Corolla with all three children? No, we haven't bought a minivan yet. We're holding out until we have the 4th child. You know, people get pregnant for a myriad of reasons - this will be the minivan baby. [Please know, I'm just kidding - although, we'll have to do something if we have another child, something short of going on family vacations taking 2 vehicles.]

The trip wasn't too bad. We detoured to go to the Southeast Homeschool Expo. A nice detour. I saw Susan Wise Bauer speak. Inspirational! Now, I'm not so consumed with the fear that I will leave out something in my children's education - or that I HAVE to teach them everything. Now, I know that if I stick to the path I've chosen, that they will have the TOOLS they need so THEY can learn for themselves the things I may miss. [You don't know how much I've been stressing over that!]

So, once we were back on the road, I had home school purchases to peruse, the kids slept and watched a movie, colored and sang songs, and we got to the in-laws at midnight. We also (narrowly) averted 2 (yes, 2) accidents - one was a sudden stop and the other was some guy trying to CROSS the interstate right in front of our car barreling down the highway at 75 mph. But all told, it was a successful trip!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swedish Chef...

Do you remember Swedish Chef from the Muppets?

Casey went to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta last week with her Godmother. She had a blast! (Although, I was always afraid of the puppets when I went as a kid.) Well, it seems as though Jim Henson's estate donated some of his Muppets to the CPA's museum. Casey "discovered" the Muppets and was fascinated! So, once home, DH and I showed the kids some Muppets clips on YouTube. Casey saw Swedish Chef and went nuts! "That's Swedish Chef! He's at the Puppet Museum!"

So, DH and I proceeded to watch EVERY Swedish Chef video we could find on YouTube. Even though they are all basically the same, they were pretty amusing. Especially the theme song! Swedish Chef sings several unintelligible lines, then says, "Bork, bork, bork!" and throws whatever utensil(s) he is holding. DH then found a web filter allowing you to alter the text in your internet browser - or maybe it's only specific to Firefox, my brower o' choice, - to "Swedish Chef." It was amusing... at first... until I couldn't turn it off! I went to Eeee-bay-a and the Weeel-Trained-a Meeend before I begged DH to fix my computer.

I've now had my fill of the good Chef.