Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the Road Again

We're on vacation - the good ol' visit the family kind of vacation. The kind of vacation you take when gas is over $4 a gallon and you can either go a few hours away from home so you spend your money on a hotel, or you drive 12 hours to stay with family and buy gas. We opted for the latter.

Oh...and did I mention that we spent these 12+ hours in a Corolla with all three children? No, we haven't bought a minivan yet. We're holding out until we have the 4th child. You know, people get pregnant for a myriad of reasons - this will be the minivan baby. [Please know, I'm just kidding - although, we'll have to do something if we have another child, something short of going on family vacations taking 2 vehicles.]

The trip wasn't too bad. We detoured to go to the Southeast Homeschool Expo. A nice detour. I saw Susan Wise Bauer speak. Inspirational! Now, I'm not so consumed with the fear that I will leave out something in my children's education - or that I HAVE to teach them everything. Now, I know that if I stick to the path I've chosen, that they will have the TOOLS they need so THEY can learn for themselves the things I may miss. [You don't know how much I've been stressing over that!]

So, once we were back on the road, I had home school purchases to peruse, the kids slept and watched a movie, colored and sang songs, and we got to the in-laws at midnight. We also (narrowly) averted 2 (yes, 2) accidents - one was a sudden stop and the other was some guy trying to CROSS the interstate right in front of our car barreling down the highway at 75 mph. But all told, it was a successful trip!

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Michele said...

Oh, My! May I ask who was driving?