Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tricky's 2nd Birthday

My little Tricky turned 2 yesterday. Unfortunately, we received some very sad news about her grandfather so festivities were absent. I'm hopeful that we may celebrate her passage into little-girlhood within the next couple of days.

Until then... Happy Birthday little one!!!


Michele said...

Happy Birthday to my precious goddaughter!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday to your precious, beautiful little girl!

Sherri said...

Happy birthday to your precious baby girl!!

Rhonda said...

Some of the anatomy pages that I have used came from Considering God's Creation. Here are some other places that I have found good sheets: (this one only has 4 but they are good.) (this one has some great Neuroscience color pages)
Also you definitely want to check out When you get on that page click on free products to download, then Life sciences. Scroll down a little to her human body stuff and there are a lot of great things there!!
I hope this will help and if I typed something in wrong, let me know! :)
I printed these off and made a folder for Miranda but for the younger two I just added the pages to their binders in the science section.
We have had a great time with our anatomy study.