Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Week Ending 15 January 2009

I'm back and we're back to school - full throttle!

Our human body study has started off well. We've outlined Casey's body and have it hanging on the wall to add to as we learn about the various systems of the body. (Hanging that long piece of paper was no easy feat when I only had 6, 4 and 2 year olds to help!)

As for history, we spent the weekend discussing the Greek Gods and the Trojan War. And, yes, I did show Casey and Will some snippets from the movie "Troy." No battle scenes or love scenes - they enjoyed seeing the Trojan Horse on the beach and hearing Achilles crying out for Hector.

We've started Latin again -from the beginning. I've made GREAT flashcards. Richard made fun of some of the pictures I chose - but that's to be expected. I broke out my little laminator and went to town. I laminated Latin cards, alphabet cards for Will, and addition and subtraction fact cards. I love to laminate!

Math is going well! For the last year, math was usually one of the last things we did in our school day, but I noticed Casey was so tired of working (and, quite frankly, I was tired, too), so I've moved that to the first subject we study once we move into our school room after breakfast. It's working out so much better. Casey is focused and I'm energetic!

Will is working through Get Ready for the Code. With any luck, we may be ready for 100 Easy Lessons by Spring! He's so excited about the prospect of reading!

One thing we started doing with the arrival of the new year is studying about works of art with a painting-per-day calendar for 2009. I also scrounged up my Art Book to provide some information on the artist, background information on the paining (if the painting is in the book), or additional works by the artist. We don't spend more than just a few minutes every day, but it's something Casey looks forward to.

Casey has started up choir and piano lessons again. Her children's choir will be performing Broadway tunes. They've started learning pieces by Rogers & Hammerstein - "The Sound of Music," "Getting to Know You," and others. Casey is wanting to see "The King and I." Maybe for movie night soon.

I've also started showing Will some piano basics - high notes, low notes, black keys, middle C. I just want him to know a little bit before he starts piano lessons this summer. He's thrilled!

As for Tricky - someone asked a few days ago (after hearing her rattle on for several minutes about the dinosaur puzzle she was working) how old she is. I responded that she's 2 and has suddenly become VERY talkative.

And, me? I've been absent from blogging for a while. I've started my Motivated Moms calendar for 2009 and it's become a bit of an obsession. Not to mention, I had to get through the holidays and birthday season (everyone in my home has a birthday between early November and late December... everyone except me). Life is slowly returning to normal - cleaner... but normal.


Anonymous said...

Hoping this new year is one full of blessings. Glad to hear that your back - sounds like a lot of fun over there.

I don't know if you've visited the forum recently, but Brittney (King Alfred Academy) posted a few days ago about a really neat art website with coloring sheet printables of famous art pieces.

Have a great rest of your week!

Anonymous said...

WOW, sounds like fun @ your house!!!

Jennefer said...

It looks like your 2009 has gotten off to a fantastic start!!! :)


Rhonda said...

Angela: It sounds like a wonderfully fun and productive week! The laminator sounds like fun-I'm sure if I had one I would laminate everything!! :)
I hope you have another great week.