Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travel - Snacks

We are going on a road trip soon. I'm excited about it! As an only child, I never got to play games with, watch movies with, or constantly harass and irritate another small person sitting next to me. My children, however, have that opportunity - and I love it!

I've decided to be a bit more organized about our travel time. I'm always quite prepared for our eventual arrival wherever we are vacationing, but this time I've taken planning to the next level: the road trip portion. And since I'm doing so much prep, I thought I would share!

I have prepacked snacks this time. Instead of constantly reaching behind me and groping in a snack bag for water, chips, dried fruit, milk every time one of the kids whimpers for something, I made snack boxes for them. Two separate snacks, three of each - a drink, something big, and something small. I picked up the boxes on clearance at the local WM and decorated them with stickers. I also wrote on the outside what is contained within, just for my own sanity.

By the way, my dear husband walked in the kitchen as I was taking pictures of the snacks. He wanted to laugh at me - instead, he took a couple of pictures of his own and posted them on Facebook. I had to remind him that "Love is patient, love is kind..." Love doesn't ridicule its wife publicly on Facebook!


Caroline said...

I think it is an awesome idea . . . why would he ridicule you? I guess that is what makes us the mommies, though, and them the dads.

Christy said...

I think your idea is great! I love your comments about your husband. My husband and I are both on FB but we are not FB friends because I can't stand the thought of him making fun of everything I post on FB!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip!!!!!!!!!! :)

Orange Juice said...

that's funny about FB!

I like the snack boxes! Great idea.

Jenny said...

What a cute idea for the snacks! I bet the kids will be so excited!