Friday, January 15, 2010

Becket Gets Wet!

Becket will be baptized on Sunday morning. I'm excited! There is also a certain level of relief I feel knowing my child will have the grace of God.

Part of our homeschooling this week has been spent focusing on Becket's baptism, the other children's baptisms, and what it means to us, as Catholics, to be baptized. Fortunately, several months ago, I received a set of children's books for review from the Catholic Company.

The set is called "It's in the Bag!" In the bag (a very cute little canvas bag) are seven books, each focusing on one of the seven sacraments. What I love about these books is that they aren't given plain titles such as "Baptism" or "Marriage." They're given very cute, even witty titles:

  • Noah Gets Wet! A Story Celebrating Baptism
  • John's Special Sunday! A Story Celebrating Holy Communion
  • Betty Says, "I'm Sorry!" A Story Celebrating Reconciliation
  • Cousin Kim's Big Day! A Story Celebrating Confirmation
  • Nana and Papa's Special Promise: A Story Celebrating Matrimony
  • The Boy's Special Dinner Guest! A Story Celebrating Holy Orders
  • Grandpa Gets Oily! A Story Celebrating Anointing of the Sick
All of the books were written by Doug Brummel and illustrated by Jennifer Brummel & the Brummel Kids. The books can be purchased for either gender - you can get the Three Sisters or the Three Brothers; I received a mix of both.

Also in the bag is a Go Fish! card game featuring the Sacraments and a prayer card.

I love this set - as do the children! And, we're all looking forward to Becket getting wet on Sunday!

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MEWoodward said...

Congratulations. That is very exciting! I love baptisms. That set of books looks very cool. You said you were sent them to review?