Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I sat on my driveway yesterday evening, with my youngest on my lap, my husband by my side, and my other children surrounding me, as we watched hummingbirds fly around the trees, dip down to sip from the feeder, then gently land on a limb. I am so happy, so blessed, and so fulfilled.

If there was ever a moment I wish I could have captured on film it would be that one... Not photographing the five or so hummingbirds as they flitted about, but my family - our faces, our love, our commitment, our contentment.

In that moment, there were no worries...only pure joy!

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Ellen said...

That is a moment that you will never forget. These feelings of complete contentment are rare in life but each one brings enough joy and wonderment to last a lifetime. The few similar experiences in my life brought me closer to God than any religious devotions. You and your sweet family have given Cici and me great happiness, much love, lots of laughter, and the knowledge that all will be well in the world with people like you to carry on. Thank you.