Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grocery List

I like forms.  I like lists.  I like lists of forms.  And ... I like forms for lists.

About 2 years ago, I created a grocery list form.  I'd seen several online, but most were fill-in-the-blank forms.  Well, I can use a sheet of paper for that!  I wanted a comprehensive list - a list with virtually everything I might need already written out, with a few blank spaces for extras.  I also wanted the flexibility to use my list at multiple stores and to note if I had a coupon for the item(s) needed.

This is what I created:

Grocery List

I use it for my monthly grocery shopping.  I will, on occasion, print a menu planner on the opposite side.  Feel free to print and use as needed!  Comments and suggestions are welcome!

[Note:  The .pdf version available has alignment and format issues I can't correct in Google docs.  The three small columns at the top of each line are store, coupon, and buy.  Sorry about that!]


momof8 said...

I did the same thing many years ago. A comprehensive list makes it so much easier to take inventory so I know what I need to buy, and it also helps me keep track of where things are on sale and how much they are. I find it interesting how different people's brains work and how we group different items together. That would be an interesting research project--to see how different women make their grocery lists! (BTW, I like your format better!)

Anonymous said...

Your grocery list is great. I'll share it with my co-workers since you said it would be okay. With this in hand, maybe there wouldn't be so many twinkies in my basket and nothing else. Thanks. Ellen