Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Mistakes We Make

I was in court this morning. While there, I saw an attorney make an embarrassing mistake. Actually, this attorney provided information to the senior attorney in his firm that was wrong - and the judge pointed it out to the senior attorney. The senior attorney wasted no time in telling the junior associate that an error like that "can NEVER happen again."

The sad thing is, I don't think the mistake mattered much to the younger attorney.

At dinner tonight, we had "breakfast for dinner" complete with buttermilk pancakes. Sadly though, I used all-purpose flour instead of self-rising, so the pancakes were practically inedible. Casey pointed out that everyone makes mistakes, but it's okay. DH and I explained how sometimes mistakes are small, and no one gets hurt. However, there are mistakes that people might make where the result is very, very bad.

I think the senior attorney and his junior associate could both benefit from the conversation DH and I had with Casey. Mistakes happen, and sometimes people get embarrassed, but in the courtroom, no one got hurt by this morning's mistake. That said, no matter how small the mistake, it is a learning experience.

The young associate should double check the research next time.

And I need to pay closer attention to my ingredients!

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Michele said...

Can I guess who that young associate is? ;) Update the blog! What? I have all the pictures? Keep your fingers crossed for a CD! I'll trade you a CD for helping me get a pretty background on my blog!