Saturday, February 28, 2009

Music Festival

Casey performed in her first music festival this morning. In a festival for the National Federation of Music Clubs, Casey's piano teacher entered her (and quite a number of her other students) in the piano segment of the festival.

I find the word "festival" a bit amusing. By festival, the NFMC means that you go (alone) into a room with a single judge and play (or sing, if that's your talent) two pieces for the judge. One of the songs is a required piece by the NFMC and the other is chosen by the student. Both pieces must be memorized.

When it was Casey's turn, her piano teacher ushered her into the room, sat her at the piano, then left. We eagerly listened right outside the door. (Picture two grown women grinning from ear to ear with heads almost pressed against the door.) Perfect! I've never heard Casey play those two pieces so well! When she came out, everyone in the hallway clapped fer her - and I gave her a big hug! I was such a proud mommy.

We had to wait a few minutes to find out her score: SUPERIOR!!! I think that means she'll get a trophy!

After several months of practicing, one recital, and one festival... Casey's happy that she doesn't have to play "Cookies" and "Dragon's Lair" any longer!

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Anonymous said...

THAT'S awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooray for her! I know you are a proud mommy