Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Week Ending 26 February 2009

Wow! Yet another month almost over...

This past week was so much fun, albeit cut a little short due to illness - all three were sick at some point in the last several days. I thought their symptom combination a bit bizarre: headache, low-grade fever, runny nose, and some lethargy - all lasting, at the most, about 36 hours.

Casey had a piano recital Saturday night, a piano recital that almost didn't happen for her due to the aforementioned sickness. An hour before we were to be at the recital location, she was still feverish (despite ibuprofen) and writhing in pain from her headache. I called her teacher and said we probably wouldn't be there, but 5 minutes after that phone call, Casey felt fine. She gave a beautiful performance!

Math is going well, although, we are starting to play a bit of catch up now that I've assessed the number of lessons remaining and the time frame I would like to see Saxon 1 come to an end for Casey. We missed quite a bit last November and December due to the holidays and various family emergencies - and math is the subject which suffered most. Casey loves doing all of the addition and subtraction flash cards! On the other hand, I'm starting to see a look of dread whenever I pull out a worksheet full of addition and subtraction problems.

Our favorite subject this past week was, without a doubt, science. Our subject was the respiratory system. We talked about lungs, breathing, hiccups, coughing, choking, phlegm - and the kids loved it. We also made a lung model - even Tricky learned something about respiration!

Casey will probably earn her Book It Pizza Hut coupon for February either today or tomorrow. She's a few pages away from finishing both Matilda and Very Funny, Elizabeth!

Will is still coming along on his letters. I'm resisting the urge to break out 100 Easy Lessons. (Soon, Angela, soon.)

You may notice that my weeks always end on a Thursday. Our school week runs on a different schedule than most - our school week begins on Friday and (actually) ends on Monday. Those are the days I don't work so those are the days we do school. [And yes, I realize that I technically shouldn't teach on Sunday, but we do go to church and keep school light on Sunday. If I didn't teach on Sunday, my children likely couldn't be homeschooled. So if you want to rat me out, go ahead; guarantee my children a substandard education.] Pardon my momentary mini-tirade.

So that's our week! Thanks for popping in!


Our Westmoreland School said...

LOL, I doubt anyone will rat you out! You have beautiful kids and it sounds like they learned a lot this past school week.

I teach Mon-Thurs with tests on Friday and I'm sure there are people with stranger schedules than you ;)

Keep it up Mommy Lawyer, domestic Goddess in training!

Rhonda said...

It looks like a fabulous week in spite of the illnesses! I like the respitory model-kids learn so much from seeing how things work!
I'm glad everyone is well now and I hope you have a great week-end. And you should absolutely teach any day of the week you need too! :)

Michele said...

I think I already ratted you out! But the sky did not fall.
I was "advised" when I ratted you out that I should not do piano lessons either on Sunday. But Sundays are the best days to do piano because Nutmeg is so inspired by watching Miss Jane play the organ!