Monday, May 11, 2009

Human Anatomy Study Ends.... Frog-style

We finally finished our Human Anatomy study... by dissecting a frog.

For WEEKS (months, even), we've been slowly going through the systems of the human body. With the exception of the reproductive system - Richard and I felt Casey was a bit too young to tackle that one, but she may be popping up with questions before too long - we studied, played games, conducted experiments, and deconstructed our 3-D anatomy guy.

On Saturday, after reviewing the various systems during breakfast, we cleared off the table, and dissected a frog. Despite the complaints of the smell (and the fact that we had every window open and fans twirling), the frog was photographed, cut, and studied inside and out.

Our frog came with a booklet, but I found the following web-based worksheets quite helpful: external anatomy, digestive system, and brain & legs.

What a great way to round out our human body study!


Sherri said...

We've done the worm, but haven't gotten to our grasshopper and frog yet. I told the kids we have to get at least far enough through Science to get those done before summer.
I'll have to look at the site you used before we do our frog!!!

Nikowa@KHA said...

You are so fun!!! :) We did a grub worm LOL