Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World Barista Championships

Richard and I took the kids to the World Barista Championships in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon. [Can I count something as a field trip if the kids have absolutely NO interest, but Richard and I are having a blast? LOL]

This was an almost spur-of-the-moment activity. I read about it online on Saturday and mentioned it to Richard, jokingly saying that it sounded interesting. I had no IDEA such a competition even existed! So we went the next day.

A HUGE coffee seller, roaster, supplier, etc. convention was going on in connection with the WBC. To get into the convention one had to pay a "nominal" fee of $125 ... per person. Not for us. The WBC was free! We made it to the final round - the top 5 baristas from around the world (champions in their own country - 52 countries represented) making and explaining 4 coffee drinks in 15 minutes. It was a bit hard to hear and kind of strange to see - there were to big screens, but it was almost easier just to watch the competitor in the flesh rather than on the screens. It was fascinating though. I think part of the judging hinged on the barista's explaining his or her concoction, the process in developing and making it, and the flavors one was to experience - and the accuracy of that flavor description.

There were 4 tasting judges and I also believe there were 2 other people judging technique, but I'm not sure. There was also one guy who drank the remnants of the judge's drinks! Think about it - 5 competitors, 4 drinks each, and 4 samples of each drink... that's (calculating here) 80 half-consumed coffees and backwash. Ick!

Other than that, it was fun to watch. And... best of all... there were FREE espressos and cappuccinos - the kind of cappuccinos with fancy hearts made from the froth!

Oh! The winner? Gwilym Davies of the UK.

And, of course, since we were in Atlanta, we dropped by IKEA for 3 hours or so.


Anonymous said...

I would die from cardiac arrest or be up for a week straight!!!! Sounds yummy though :)

K, @ Heart NOW Orange Juice! said...

I have an award for you on my NEW blog location

Brownie said...

That sounds completely enjoyable! Oh! It would be my kind of field trip.