Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow in April...

As you may already know, my family does not watch television. Now, that's not to say that we don't have a television; we do. However, we don't have satellite or cable or even rabbit ears (is that even an option any more?) to watch shows or the news. [I do, by the way, stream via the internet a few television shows, but otherwise, I'm quite clueless as to that area of pop. culture.] My husband and I read the news online.

On Saturday and Sunday, we went on a plant-buying frenzy - Confederate Jasmine, azaleas, boxwoods, herbs, bald cypress (technically a tree, but you catch my drift). Of course, at lunch on Sunday, I was told that temperatures would be dropping. Well, in a panic yesterday, I checked the weather forecast for our area and found that we would have a hard freeze. "Did I read that right? Hard freeze?" I asked myself, though I was alone, with an air of disbelief. Yes.

Once Richard was home, he covered the bushes he had planted, and we dragged inside the ones he had not planted. Hopeful.

While I was driving in to the office this morning, what do I see wisping about my windshield? Snow!

[Michele, I think Casey, Will, and I will be studying the weather about this time next year. You're right! Everything happens this time of year!]


Brownie said...

funny! I have no idea what the weather is like in your neck of the woods - but here I was just telling my dd that don't be surprised if we have another blizzard! And forget about planting!

I remember growing up having an easter egg hunt - and some of the colored eggs were hid in the snow!

Oh! to have our snow gone and DONE! But we're waiting for our second flood now... everything outdoors is on hold until later in April.

Hope your plants survived your hard freeze :)

Michele said...

My roses are about to bloom; my strawberry plants have blossoms, and now big fat flakes are falling from the sky!?! Weather is crazy in March and April!