Monday, April 13, 2009

Decluttering is Strangely Liberating!

I inadvertently began decluttering this morning. It started in our school room which has become nothing short of a book and paper depository. I found stacks of paper I'd forgotten existed, but once I discovered them, I happily threw out most of it! Then, I started going through the bookshelves, taking unnecessary items from notebooks.

Soon thereafter, I was called away by one of the children to my bedroom. Well, I couldn't leave before cleaning out my jewelry box. It is the kind that has lingerie drawers, but since I have a small supply of lingerie which is rarely, if ever, worn, I use most of those drawers for stuff - pictures, children's drawings, NFP charts, receipts, and random papers. Twenty minutes after I started, I had a clean jewelry box and a full trashcan! I'm so proud of me!

Now, to clean out the kitchen clutter drawer, my desk drawers, and finish the school room. Considering we're stuck inside for the day, decluttering has become quite a fun project!


K, @ Heart said...

would you like to come and declutter my place? UGH! I am dying from the clutter! I started doing some today and I stopped completely overwhelmed. I'm gonna have to make smaller goals then my already small ones. ha ha

Anonymous said...

I've been on the declutter hunt for a few days tired!

Sherri said...

I started decluttering on Sat. but never made it past my room. I thought I could do more, but I got bogged down in photo albums and old papers..just stuff. It was fun and so great to get rid of some junk!!