Monday, August 25, 2008

Earning a Square

About 2 months ago, I implemented this plan for my 5 year old (the 3 year old doesn't get this benefit, yet)...

She earns squares - I use the ones I bought from Rainbow Resources to use with Saxon Math. The way she earns the squares is as follows:

1 square for staying on green during home school (I have one green, one yellow and one red card on the wall - if she refuses to do work or does something along those lines, I give her a warning then start pulling cards if she doesn't behave - more about that in a minute).

1 square for completing daily chores

1 square for practicing piano

So, she has the potential to earn 21 squares a week; plus, on Saturdays, if she's been good all week, she gets an extra 3 squares for a grand total of 24 squares a week.

She can also have squares withheld or taken away. Withheld, if she doesn't do the above. Taken away, as an alternative to other disciplinary measures - DH and I are learning that taking away her squares has a profound effect to the extent that most of the time, we can threaten a square and she'll correct.

She can also have squares taken away or withheld if she has her green, yellow or red card pulled during hs. If I pull the green card, no square for hs that day. If I pull the yellow card, she has to give me one of the squares she's already earned. If I pull the red card, she has to give me 3 more squares.

She can accumulate the squares to "purchase" things or privileges. For purchases, if she redeems 15 squares, she can get a school supply item (she loves supplies) that costs $3 or less. For 25 squares, a book or school supply $5 or less. For 40 squares, a book $8 or less. For 50 squares, a book $10 or less. For 70 squares, a DVD or book costing $20 or less. We're still coming up with a plan for privileges - right now, she can pretty much do things as they come along without redeeming squares. BTW, all of the purchases are made with mommy or daddy approval.

She just saved up 70 squares to get a DVD - Matilda. She's so proud!

I like this method because I don't think I could take money away that she may have earned as an allowance, but I like the tangible nature of what she's earning. She can see it, save it, hear it (when she shakes the container she keeps them in), count it, and turn them in once she earns enough to get what she wants.


Rose (dragons in the flower bed on WTMBoards) said...

This is a good idea. I'm going to bring it up with my partner tonight.

Your blog is very pretty and I loved your playlist.

Bronwyn said...

I like the idea! We tried something similar last week with points and all but it didn't seem to motivate. This seems like it might work better with the rewards known ahead of time.

Casey's godmother said...

I'm so glad she got Matilda! We watched the DVD multiple times when she was visiting us in Atlanta this summer. Do you have the book yet? I am planning on sending it to her, just haven't been in a bookstore since school began.

Love your blog, especially the rant about Crocs. J. & I hate theme too.