Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our week ending 8-21-08

I feel as though we had a productive week!

Will is learning his letters - we've been working on vowels and he's SO EXCITED to point out the letters he recognizes! At his preschool yesterday and today, the class discussed the letter A. He was so proud that he could write a capital A.

Casey was busy, busy. History (Ashurbanipal and the Assyrian expansion), science (we're still studying ponds... more on that in a minute), math (ooh - learning addition; the stuff I've been waiting for), and the usual language arts materials (she loves her new Rod & Staff books, but neither of us really cares for Ordinary Parent's Guide which we've been using for months now). She's also enjoying her new piano teacher (although not the practicing so much) and the children's choir (the teacher told me for such a little thing - she's the youngest and smallest in the choir - she has a beautiful, strong voice).

Earlier in the week, the kids and I went to the local pet store to purchase a couple of tadpoles. They were expecting a shipment, but it had not arrived. A woman overheard me speaking to the owner about buying tadpoles. As I was getting the kids in the car, the woman said that we would be welcome to come to one of her 3 ponds and collect tadpoles - "Why buy them when I've got them for free?" So, we exchanged information, and we're planning on visiting her ponds soon!

On Saturday, we'll be looking into swimming lessons for Casey and Will and having our second official Little Flowers meeting! The kids and I will be going to our first home school group gathering this coming week. We're also pondering sending Casey to Art Lessons once a week - yet another opportunity to meet home schoolers. So, next week is looking busy, too!

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Alana in Canada said...

Sound like a good week.