Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tax FREE Weekend

It's a tax free weekend in Georgia! FREE - one of my favorite words. When talking to Richard about the possibility of getting the children some clothes this weekend, he pointed out that a 7% sale isn't such a great deal. True, but if you couple that with additional sales and the myriad of coupons I get by mail (snail and e-), we might actually be able to make a killing. Then he pointed out that everybody else will be shopping, too. Now, there's the sticking point. I really don't want to shop for clothes for the kids (knowing they are going up in size) while fighting the mob of moms doing the same thing... waiting for dressing rooms, having to take 3 different sizes of the same jeans in the dressing room (once we're in), and then the ultimate decision: do I buy the size that is too long and too big in the waist with the hope he or she will grow into it before next spring OR do I buy the size that fits now knowing that by January I'll have to go through this again? [Buy big.]

Well, I think we've reached a compromise.... COSTCO. I get to buy a couple of clothing items without fighting a huge crowd, I still get to save on the taxes, and I have money left over for the day when the REAL sales start!

I love Costco!

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