Monday, October 27, 2008

Gone again it seems.

Well, it looks like the WTM Forums boards are down again. This episode's cryptic message:

We'll be back. Later.

As with the last time, I need someone to fill me in. Although, I have started visiting (and even posting a couple of times) again. I guess I'm just missing out on all the controversy regarding the social groups. I'm a member of a few - I even started two, but they're pathetically inactive (I'm blaming myself and my recent lack of visiting). I guess I just don't get the appeal of the social groups. I like the general board and the K-6 board the best. That's just me.

Again, let me know what brought it down this time!


Lindsey said...

Ack! They are down again? I left town and came back to see the same message.

I am like you in that I don't do a lot on the social side of the boards but like the general and K-6 boards the best. They fit me better I suppose. See what we miss out on by not being more social on there, lol. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. :o)

Michele said...

I don't know what happened this time. I love the social groups. I can ask questions and get serious answers instead of snarky comments. I also enjoy reading the other groups.I get to see what others really think, and I cannot comment - which is a good thing!

Rhonda said...

Angela: I have no idea. I did not even know there was a controversy regarding the social groups. I belong to four and they're not terribly active either. I just don't think that many homeschool moms have time to actively participate in the social groups as well as visit the general and curriculum boards (and many of us blog too.)
If you do find out, let me know. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such an encouraging comment. I appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

well, they're up again today and there's a sticky that politics are banned...but I'm sure you've probably been on there by now and seen all this.

I haven't been able to get into it since the changes.... :(