Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Flowers Meeting 10/4/2008

We had a GREAT Little Flowers meeting - despite the fact I forgot to look up the meaning of the word virtue.

We discussed the virtue of faith and reviewed what we had learned last time about St. Catherine of Sienna. The flower associated with faith is the sunflower - because the sunflower's face faithfully follows the path of the sun.

As one of our projects to earn a badge, we were to plant sunflower seeds. Well, it's not the season, so instead we made faux sunflower arrangements. Given that I came up with the idea as I was whizzing through Wal-Mart on Friday, I think they turned out lovely.

We set our schedule through the end of the year. We'll be discussing St. Monica, St. Agnes, Hope, and Love of God. We'll also have a sashing ceremony, a Christmas Party, and lots of fun!!!

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