Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Names...

So, can you guess what names we're considering for our baby? (If you know, you'd better not post! And I know who knows!)

Hint: They are saints!

The boy name (both first and middle) Saint who lived 12th century England. Here's another hint:

Edited to add one more hint on the boy name: Think...Canterbury Tales!

The girl name (first name) is from a Saint who lived in 5th and 6th century France.
Edited to add one more hint: Her prayers spared Paris an attack by Attila and the Huns.
Here's another hint:


Julia said...

My google skills are failing me! I will not give up until I figure this out :)

Amber said...

I'm going to say...

Clotilde for a girl

and Thomas for a boy

Let me know if I am right ;o)

Amber said...

I was going to say Geneviève, but when I looked her up I thought she was a german saint. Is it Genevieve? I LOVE that name. My husband and I are thinking about a native american name, Anevay. I may call her Vivi for short. Let me know if I am right this time. I probably shouldn't get two guesses, but this is fun.