Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

We've made it to the last trimester - the slow, sleepless trimester filled with so many things to accomplish! I'm getting there.

Before baby arrives, I've got to:
* Host 3 kids' birthday parties - yes, all of my children were born in November or December
* Launder the gender-neutral baby clothes, blankets, car seat covers - along with a few select items which are gender-specific
* Finish ordering and gathering my birth supplies - I've placed one order, but I need my birthing tub and must add some household items such as olive oil, crock pot, and cookie sheet (I'm I baking or birthing?)
* Tag clothes for an upcoming consignment sale - a task I loathe, but will be happy I did if I have a good payout!

And the BIG task - getting the house spotless for baby! The need to clean has been coming and going (depending on how tired and/or motivated I am), but I know the burst of energy to thrust me into major cleaning mode is on its way.

I've also decided that I might actually try to (do what those fabulous expectant super-moms do and) cook and freeze several meals for my family before baby's arrival. It's a thought, a dream, a goal... I hope it will become a reality.

Yes, things to do and only 12 (or so) weeks to go!


Anonymous said...

WOW, I'm so excited for yall!

I can't wait to see your 'gift'! :)

K a r e n said...

i am so excited you're doing the homebirth. it's the best experience ever. i really had no idea what to expect but i had an amazing midwife who kept reminding me that women have been doing this forever so i probably have a good chance to pulling it off too.

you're the second person on my fb connections who is on baby #4. Some family friends have 8!! Are you done? I wish I could have more! But, I leave that to you and the others who want it more than me!

Rhonda said...

I'm so excited for you Angela. I will be so anxious to "see" your new precious little one!