Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two months from today...

Our newest family member is due. I've always gone early with the other kids, so I'm hoping for an early arrival this time as well. So, just think... in (possibly) less than 2 months, I'll have a family of 6! (Does that mean we will be automatically charged an 18% gratuity on the rare occasions we go out to eat? Hmmm.)

We're all VERY excited! Especially Tricky! She's constantly talking about "her baby," asking if she can kiss the baby (via my tummy), wanting to know if she can put the pants on the baby once baby is here. She loves to tell people that the baby will be named Princess Leia if a girl and Luke Skywalker of a boy (yes, my almost 3 year old is a HUGE Star Wars fan).

Dates and plans are falling into place... for the children's birthday parties, for holiday celebrations, and even baby showers. This woman who has NEVER had a baby shower will have 2 this time - and I'm so excited!

I've even compiled, ordered, and received most of my home birth supplies. My midwife has a kit which I purchased from In His Hands. I purchased my birthing tub from Your Water Birth (I've linked directly to the tub I purchased). [Note to self: Richard and I need to inflate the tub within the next couple of days to make sure it isn't defective!]

"What other supplies might I need?" you may ask. Cookie sheet, heating pad, flashlight, crock pot, olive oil, birthing ball, tennis balls, pool noodle, 2 sets of sheets, zip lock bags, chapstick, snacks, paper towels, Gatorade, etc. Quite an interesting assortment of things, in my opinion.

So...two more months and, fortunately, my planning and organizing skills are starting to kick into auto-pilot. Good thing since I've forgotten more than my fair share of things in the past few weeks.


Brownie said...

wow. I'm impressed with your planning!

I know several women who home-birthed, including my sis-in-law. I never had that inclination; of course I gave birth the first (and only) time at age 38 - I was a little freaked. Even if I wanted to home-birth, hubby wouldn't have let me.

But all those that I hear who do - wouldn't have done it any other way. I'm sure it will be a happy, joyous family occasion for you!

Love your picture!!

K a r e n said...

get a physio ball too just in case the water gets annoying. you just bounce thru the contractions. sounds like it would hurt more but its a distraction.

Rhonda said...

Angela: It is so exciting!! I look so forward to seeing the new arrival and I am super excited about your home birth plans.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm SO excited for you!!