Monday, March 9, 2009

Consignment Sales

I shop 'em. Yes, I do. I've found beautiful things at the two consignment sales I attend twice a year. The first of the two for spring came this weekend and I dragged all three children with me. Before we encountered the festivities, however, I told my children they had to stay with me and if they did, they would be handsomely rewarded - well, sort of.

It was a madhouse! I got there at 10:05, a mere five minutes after the doors opened. I could tell from the parking lot that it would be hectic. I've never seen so many cars at this particular sale. (Another sign of our waning economy, I suppose.) I grabbed my super-huge IKEA shopping bag and reminded the children of their solemn vow to behave - and they reminded me of my solemn vow to get them something - and we braved the crowd.

I purchased a few polo shirts for Will and a cute spring sweater for Casey - Tricky didn't get any clothes... she'll get plenty from the stores of spring/summer 2T outfits I have in the basement. And I made good on my word because the children were so well-behaved (I actually had a couple of people comment on their good behavior)...

Each got a book and a toy (total on those items: $7).

Here's a picture of my favorite purchase - and quite timely, too... upon our return home, we read the SOTW 1 chapter on gladiators!

By the way, the set was $3, and was missing a couple of pieces of the gladiator's armor - and I made the Colosseum from the set! (That Colosseum was brutal to put together... the kids got bored watching me and ran off to play; I gave up on doing it with glue and, instead, used at least 10 feet of tape. But it looks pretty neat.)

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You are SUCH a cool mom!