Saturday, March 28, 2009

Homeschooling... Daddy-style

I started off our homeschooling day the way I usually do... by reading and discussing a bit of science as we eat breakfast. The routine schedule diverged shortly thereafter...

Casey had a deck of cards at the table and Richard took an interest. Right after finishing breakfast - but before I could get into the activity portion of our science lesson - Richard decided to teach Casey and Will how to play poker. I'm not sure exactly which poker game and, no, they were not gambling. I decided to let him have this moment with the kids; besides, they seemed to be learning something.

While they were playing cards, I was taken over by the need to do ALL of the laundry. So, as the day progressed, Richard and the kids went from playing poker to doing an experiment Casey devised. She asked, during lunch, if she could do an experiment to see how quickly ice melts. Richard ran with it. They had a glass with one cube, a glass with 3 cubes, a glass with one cube in cold tap water, a glass with 3 cubes and cold tap, a glass with one cube and hot tap, and a glass with one cube and boiling water. They observed and recorded the melting times.

By the way, I was still sorting, washing, drying, hanging, and folding laundry. Tired from doing laundry, Tricky and I took a nap together (I fell asleep before she did, but I was awakened by sweet little kisses all over my face). We slept for about 2 hours.

During our nap, I found out later, Richard, Casey, and Will had tea while Richard read some of Aesop's Fables.

Richard's homeschooling day with the kids the progressed to teaching them how to play Chess. Finally, they ended the day by painting - a pirate ship for Will and a picture frame for Casey.

Oh! At some point during the day, Richard must have explained to Casey what affidavits are, because this [see picture below] was on the dining room table when I got up from my nap. If you look closely, it says, "My Affidavits Book!" Can you tell her parents are lawyers?

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That is so sweet!!!! :)