Monday, March 2, 2009

Cool sites I've found today...

Here are some neat websites I've found today... Just thought I would share!

  • Online Typing Test. Test your speed and accuracy. If you're one of the fastest typers, you will be ranked and can download a speed-typing certificate!
  • Homeschool Planner. Use this quick and easy tool to make a homeschool planner.
  • Rubberfaces. Okay, this one is just ridiculously mindless entertainment. But funny.
  • Retroland. With taglines such as "reconnect with things that define you" and "who you were then," this site offers toys, games, movies, TV shows, fashions, etc. you can add to your profile - or if you just want a little taste of nostalgia without signing up. [The retropedia was a particular favorite for me.]
  • Movie Mistakes. Find your favorite movies and all the things that were wrong but still made it to the silver screen.
  • Teenager Audio Test. Neat - but gave me a slight headache (I could hear it, but I paid a price).
Train Horns

Created by Train Horns


Anonymous said...

ooh I love movie bloopers! I look for them when watching movies! Get's on Kevin's nerves BIG TIME! :)

Rhonda said...

It is so fun to find great sites-makes you feel like you've hit the internet jackpot!!

Kristi said...

Hey, I found a BAZILLION websites on homeschooling. One has a lot a lot a lot of resources so I'll give you that one and if you download their toolbar then it shows all the tools right from there. Really neat!

So here's my new faves:
Homeschool Lounge- download the toolbar


Tot School by blogger 1plus1plus1equals1

Kristi said...

OOPS! I guess you already knew about homeschool lounge! I just saw it on your site... hee hee