Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We're half the way there! 20 weeks today. I so enjoy my pregnancies, but I have noticed that the eventual tiredness that sets in gets earlier with each subsequent baby.

According to my midwife, all seems well so far. The little one is lying sideways (which is fine at this point), the heartbeat is good (148 bpm for all of you old-wives-tale enthusiasts), and I'm well. Staying hydrated is particularly important during pregnancy and has been a bit troublesome for me, so each morning, I'm setting 4 bottles of water aside and trying to consume each by certain points during my day.

The children are excited - especially Tricky. She pokes my belly button and proudly proclaims to anyone who will listen that "Mommy has a baby in zere." And my sweet little boy is pining for a brother. A few nights ago, he was upset because he's the only one who sleeps in his room.

There are things to be done for baby before baby's arrival - but not too much. There are no clothes to buy, no cribs to set up, no registries to begin, and nothing to be borrowed. However, there are names to be found, birth kits and birthing tubs to purchase, and a ton of things to launder. We've got time, though, right? 18-20 more weeks if all goes well. Of course, in those 18-20 weeks I've got to get the kids halfway through their school year, find Halloween costumes, plan birthday parties, and buy Christmas presents. Hmmm.... 18-20 weeks doesn't sound so far away after all!


Orange Juice said...

I love that pic & congrats 20 weeks!!! it feels like you should be popping a baby out already but I am impatient. So excited for you can't wait for names you are thinking of (if you share).
Whe you put it the way you did 20 weeks seems too soon to be prepared! ahhhh!

Rhonda said...

Yay, Angela! You look marvelous. I loved reaching the halfway point.
I remember with my pregnancies getting tired more often and earlier with each one too. I'm so glad things are moving along so well.

Amber said...

Isn't it crazy how with the first we are so anxious and with the next ones it is like we feel like we don't have enough time?