Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tim Loves Tink

In a small town I frequently pass through, there is a bridge - the bridge is for trains to pass over the little road it covers. It's quite convenient if the train is coming through the town; one can simply go on this little road, go under the train, and not get stopped by the traffic waiting on the main road. (It's amazing to me that more people haven't figured out this trick... oh, well.)

Until recently, I have always noticed someone had painted on one side of the bridge Tim LOVES (with a heart instead of the word) Tink. When I say I have always noticed, I mean I've noticed this since I was a child... my grandparents lived in this particular town as I was growing up. My research has borne out some interesting information about Tim and Tink... seems as though this profession of love has been occurring since the 1960s. There are theories that Tim was a student at a local college and he dated a girl named Tina (nicknamed, Tink). Or something like that.

Well, from time to time, the city would paint the bridge - and paint over the love note. Always, I mean ALWAYS, within a couple of days of the bridge being repainted, guess what would reappear? You got it! Tim Loves Tink.

But something strange happened recently. The city painted the bridge... yet again... and someone spray painted (in yellow spraypaint this time) Tim Loves Tink on the overpass. It only lasted for a couple of days. The city painted over it again! Then, the city, in its infinite wisdom went a step further. Can you guess what the city did?

Instead of fighting it, the city honored their local lovebirds!

Ahh... this IS the stuff small town legends are made of!


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The identity of Tim and Tink has always been in question. Someone recently started a "You know you're from Habershm if" page on facebook. The Tim loves Tink debate is raging. Many younger folks claim the KNOW Tim or Tiink an purport that it occurred during the 90s or maybe 80s. A few of us are trying to put this all to rest. My accomplice has registered and we are trying to flush out the truth with some prize packages. IF ANYONE HAS PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF THE PAINTING IN EARLY YEARS...PLEASE CONTACT ME