Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I used to like email, but now I dread it.

* I get too many emails every day - well, I only get around 20, which is probably nothing to some of you, but it's a lot for me. Actually, let me rephrase that... I get 20 on my main email address. My email address linked to Facebook gets about 90 a day - due to my FB activity. My inner-office email gets 40 or so a day, but that's because our IT guy took off the filters and now I get advertisements for certain products I don't want, need or otherwise require. I also have a couple of email addresses I never even bother to check any longer.

* Many of the emails I receive at my main email address I don't want. I get emails from various Bar Associations, which in turn causes me to get email from other law-related outlets (attorneys running for office, continuing legal education courses, law book publishers). I get emails from online companies I've ordered from or have requested catalogs from.

* I have developed the terrible habit of reading emails I need to respond to, but then forgetting to respond. Oh the guilt I feel when I realize that I haven't responded!

*I don't delete enough emails. I'm afraid I'll need it later on. Stupid, I know.

* I have too many email addresses. I can't/don't check them all. Well, actually, I only have 5, but that's about 4 too many. But, I need one for junk, one for FB notices, one for work, one for homeschool stuff (which is actually one I don't really check any longer), and my main email address.

So, I've started unsubscribing to things. Unsubscribing to newsfeeds I no longer care about. Unsubscribing to the sales advertisements and legal publications. Unsubscribing to groups. Unsubscribing to Facebook notifications. I'm trying to simplify. No, it's nothing huge, but every little bit helps!


Christy said...

I have unsubscribed from a lot of things too. And, I keep emails "just in case" all the time. I'm not the first to say it, but all of the forms of technology that are supposed to make life easier seem to do the exact opposite.

Caroline said...

Why not just move everything to one account, and then set up filters to move everything to different folders as they arrived. That way, you don't even have to look at Facebook notifications until YOU are ready, etc.? Then delete the extra accounts? Just my suggestion, coming from someone who checks about 5 accounts everyday, too! Maybe I will do that and report back!

Orange Juice said...

Thanks for the;s like the ONLY time I didn't check it!
PS so what you're saying those emails I sent you like 6 months ago are still sitting there unread? LOL
I have 2 email accounts. One personal and one for everything else...then I filter most of it to the trash. I'm still left with a plethora of mail to sort but better than before.

Brownie said...

Same here! I have to start unsubscribing, too - I sign up for things that are interesting and then don't have time to read. I have 3 accounts - one I haven't looked at for ages, one for the junk and a few lists that I'm on.

But I have a tendency to save ALL my work related emails. I wish I knew a way just to "click" and save it to a client's file on my computer....