Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Living a Beautiful Life

When I was about 15 years old, I discovered a lovely magazine called Victoria. It was everything I wanted my adult life to look like - beautiful dresses, lace everywhere, rose bushes in flower gardens, white furniture.

Alas, that is far from what my adult life is like. For one, I'm a practicing attorney. That, in and of itself, somehow seems to brush some of the soft focus from my form. I don't litigate, but I work for a litigator and I'm married to a litigator; and being in the midst of that world, I fear, makes me a bit more harsh than I would otherwise be.

My home is not covered in lace. Well, actually, my dresser is, but that lace is covered because my dresser is my clutter spot - the area that cleaning gurus such as FlyLady warn me I need to spend 5 minutes decluttering each day, or something to that effect.

I also don't have white furniture in every room. I have cherry - I love cherry now that I've grown up. White furniture is still something of an object of beauty for me. It's so clean, if it's kept that way. My daughters' furniture is white - and, for now, barely nicked. As a matter of fact, their room is probably the closest thing to my teenage-version of the ideal adult setting for me than anything else in my home.

I don't have time for gardening - and I'm also coming to realize that I may not even have the desire. I would LOVE to have beautiful gardens and clip blossoms to place around my cherry furniture laden home, but it takes time and patience - two things on which I'm quite short.

But there are beautiful things in my life. I have beautiful children and another on the way. I'm so thankful for them and I am making a conscious effort to thank God for them each day. I have a wonderful, supportive, hard-working, loving husband - someone who loves me and respects me and who has real conversations with me, beyond the normal "what did you do to day" banter some married couples share.

I have a home filled with things that, as an adult, I find beautiful. My cherry furniture and large mirrors with touches of floral patterns throughout my home. And I have a piano - the piano that my grandparents purchased and my mother learned to play - I have it tuned every year, and should have it tuned every 6 months, but it's mine and it brings me much joy.

Earlier, I mentioned my job. I'm actually quite happy at my job. While I do miss being with my children full-time, I am fortunate in the fact that I can work part-time as a lawyer - with very little stress. Being an attorney is not what I ever imagined myself doing (until I was about 25), but here I am! I'm not career-driven by any stretch of the imagination. I just do my work to the best of my ability, I enjoy the company of my coworkers, and then I come home...

To the beautiful life I have been blessed with!


Caroline said...

You make your life sound so beautiful . . .

Caroline said...

You make your life sound so beautiful . . . I am so happy for you

Michele said...

I used to love Victoria too! I have the very first issue. Then they changed and went out of business. They are back in business, but I have replaced them with Romantic Homes. I think your "red room" is very Victoria. There were always exotic "empire" touches in the older issues, so I think your Bombay Company pieces fit that bill very well. And that sofa is to die for! I think you should post a picture of that! You just need some Knock-out roses. They don't have a very romantic form, but they do not require all the very unromantic spraying either. You have white in the "blue room" and your bedroom furniture is beautiful so WHAT are you talking about???? ;)

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

Okay, okay. It's just not "Victoria" to me - but I'm not complaining.

By the way, I must admit the photo I posted is from my yard. We have these beautiful roses that bloom twice a year from the middle of a boxwood bush. I took the picture about 2 weeks ago.

Brownie said...

I loved the Victoria magazine, too! I have a stack of them that I look at occasionally.

So your house doesn't look "Victoria" the style of your home sounds like it's intent: a place of refuge, peace and contentment.

Congrats on the expected babe!

Orange Juice said...

Isn't it interesting how things are so different and that they can be so different and so much more wonderful?