Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall is in the Air

With the windows open and the crickets calling outside, I'm relieved to find that, at long last, Fall is here. Of course, knowing the weather around here, there may be a few more days where the temp will spike to 80 degrees, but the Summer of '08 is a thing of the past. Ah, the signs of Fall:

School began over six weeks ago - that's usually part of the phase-in for Fall.

Then the overnight lows began to drop - but the daytime temps were still pretty high.

The networks began their Fall programming - not that I have TV, but I still live on the planet, so I'm aware of the television shift.

I can start opening my windows during the day and turn off the a/c - a special blessing this year given the ever-increasing energy prices.

Last weekend I started shifting the summer clothes out and purchasing and bringing the fall/winter clothes in.

Soon, I'll start making cider, apple spice cakes, pumpkin pies, and setting out the fall decorations. The leaves will turn brown, we'll wear sweaters during the day... then, before we know it, this wonderful season will have passed and we'll be in the Christmas/Winter season.

But I'll enjoy this while I can - bundling up under the covers, with the window open and cozying with my family, sipping on hot tea.

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Sherri said...

Here in Louisiana, it will be a while before we can really get into the fall mode. We are enjoying the cooler temps and lower humidity, though!!