Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Week Ending 9/18/2008

We've been studying ponds, courtesy of My World Science, for the better part of the last two months. The frog study has definitely been a favorite...until this week. About a month ago, we purchased 2 tadpoles from the local pet store [I had also mailed a coupon for a free transparent frog as part of a kit I ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet - and I'm impatient]. Well, a few days ago one of the tadpoles died. When we got the tadpoles, the kids named one Padge and one Texas. I'm not sure which one died, but Casey was extremely upset. Although, I'm not sure if she was more upset that one died or the fact that I couldn't tell her which one died.

BTW, none of the kids saw the dead tadpole - we evacuated the carcass from its home (and our home) before the children were aware. [Quick thinking, Dad!]

Other than that, all is well with our studies...

Casey is loving history as we're starting our venture into Ancient Greece. I'm reading The Adventures of Odysseus to the kids whenever we get a moment. They've even been begging for it for their bedtime story this week!

Casey also started choir practice again. They took a two-week break. I think Will enjoys the music more than Casey. Casey enjoyed seeing some of her teenage friends. Yes, my 5 year old has a couple of homeschooled friends who are 15 and they adore her just as much as she does them.

Will is enjoying both Singapore Earlybird Math and Saxon K Math. With Saxon, I'm omitting the meeting book/calendar info because he's not reading yet (we're still working on learning letters in Get Ready for the Code) and I feel it would be more frustrating than it's worth.

And I am reading The History of the Ancient World - the chapters applicable to what Casey is learning. I really need to brush up on my history.

So, this week was a little sad, but next week is sure to be better: not only are we going camping (finally), but we're also going to JapanFest next weekend, so we'll be studying up on Japan and making a lapbook! Woo-hoo!


Rhonda said...

Sorry about the tadpole.
Sounds like a good week otherwise. Next week sounds FUN: camping, Japan-fest (we just studied Japan) and the lapbook too!! We're currently working on an Asian Animals Lapbook.

Paige said...

So sorry about the loss of your tadpole! I can't wait to hear about next week!

zelda said...

Looks like a good week to me...except for the tabpole

Have fun next week.

Vix said...

Poor Casey. Hope the last one survives.

Lindsey said...

That's too bad for Casey that her tadpole died. Good luck in raising the second one.

Glad you had a good week otherwise. I need to brush up on my history so I am going to check into the book you are reading, glad you listed it!

~Riada (WTM board)

trying4two99 said...

Sorry about your loss. We had a frog that had a broken leg and my son cried for a whole week after we buried him in the back yard! The only pets we allow now are 4 legged critters! :) WIth the exception of no lizards or salamanders.. :) Love following your blog and look forward to meeting you soon.

Kat said...

I have SWB's History of the Ancient world on my shelf. I suppose it would help if I actually opened it to read along with what she is studying. Thanks for the prompt :-)

mindy said...

Looks good. I like your blog template. Sorry about the tadpole!