Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tricky saw an airplane!

I love it when they play together sweetly...and quietly.

Daddy helping out with home school -
making a volcano, then explaining to the kidlets the chemical reaction that made the explosion.


Rhonda said...

I love those pictures! Your children are adorable.
And the funnest part of school is when Daddy gets involved.
The picture of your daughter spotting the airplane is priceless!

OkinawaMama said...

Such pretty pictures, and sweet, too! Laura in VA

Lizzie said...

They are so adorable. Lucky you to have hubby doing science, what fun.

Lindsey said...

Your daughter pointing at the plane is so sweet. I like that photo. And volcanoes are one of my favorite science experiements- they never lose their thrill.

Happy Wordless Wednesday

Anonymous said...

That blue dress is just adorable!

Meliss said...

Your kids are sooo cute!

SKELLER said...

Sweetness is stamped all over these photos. Don'tcha love those moments when ALL the siblings are together and enjoying one another (instead of the 2 vs. 1 dynamic?!?)