Monday, September 29, 2008

Gas Crisis

Is "crisis" the right word?

When you have to drive 20 miles away from home to find the nearest station with gasoline? When you find that station, but you're only allowed to pump $20 worth? When you wait in a line of cars for 25 minutes so you can pump that $20 of gas? When the vast majority of gas stations have plastic bags over their pumps or zeros on their price signs? When it isn't expected to get any better for another THREE WEEKS?!

I'd call that a crisis.

Lines at the pumps.

No gas here.


Sherri said...

That's scary! It makes me glad that I don't have to get out and drive around much on a daily basis.

Thanks for your note about our zoo. could you tell what zoo it was from those few photos? I try not to put any pics that tell where exactly we are located, so I was amazed that you could pick out what zoo it was...amazing.

Sherri said...

I would be happy for you to link me. You didn't scare me or anything with the zoo comment. I was just so surprised by amazed at how real people can become when you realize how much closer they are than you thought! :)