Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm sick and tired of ants. I want them gone. Smooshing them isn't working, although it's fun. Spraying them isn't working (not to mention it smells, but it is the "safe to use around kids and pets" kind of spray - WHATEVER). And, Terro isn't really working. I hate ants.

But... at least they're not the biting kind.


Mama Peep said...

I feel for you! I had ants at my last house and they nearly drove me nuts! Terro worked eventually. I followed them to where they lived and put bait out there too. It took a long time but I won in the end. Or did they b/c we moved??? Don't let them get the best of you!

Patricia in WA

Melissa said...

Keep using the Terro. Sometimes it takes awhile. We used it all last summer, and the little pieces of paper were covered with ants everyday. I thought it wasn't working, but I left it there anyway, because it was diverting them away from my counter and cabinets. When this summer's invasion started, there was maybe one-quarter the amount of the we had last summer. I put the Terro back out to keep them going in the other direction, and also put Terro and another kind of bait outside. For the second half of the summer we saw almost no ants inside, which is amazing considering that our large backyard is one huge ant colony. If you can find them outside, you can also sprinkle cornmeal and oatmeal (rubbed in your hands to break it into smaller bits that they can carry), and that should help them busy outside.

I think one of the keys to Terro is that they store it and the colony eats it throughout the winter too.

Don't give up! We've been fighting a four-year battle here, and we're finally winning!

Melissa (from TWTM board)

Mommy Lawyer's Mommy-in-Law said...

Mommy Lawyer, try washing away their trail with soap and water after smooshing the ones you see, that is supposing that they are all traveling along the same trail. After a while they will try another way--especially if you get very close to the source where they come into the house. Some of them follow the trail left by the scout ants. It worked for me YEARS ago, but ants might be smarter now. Mommy Lawyer's Mommy-in-Law

Vegetable House said...

This summer I got fireants in my closet!

What happened was the ants had become attracted to Easter candy that was hidden in eggs we just put into storage without chucking the candy.
It was awful! I went in to get dressed and got my toes bit!

The good news is there is a new product. It's a bait for use outdoors called Dupont Advion.


This product was more attractive to the ants than candy. By sprinkling it outside they all left my house and gobbled up the poison and were dead by the next day.