Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Camping Trip

Friday afternoon, we loaded up the car with 1 cooler, 2 tents, 3 kids, warm clothes, and smiles on our faces as we headed out to go camping.

Once we got there (2 hours after we left home - although the place we went camping was only 40 minutes away - errands, you know), we unpacked the car and set up the tents - the little tent for the kids goes inside of the huge tent.

We headed out for a brief hike, then came back to our site to build the fire, roast some hot dogs, and make s'mores.

BTW, the area where we camped was located relatively close to the restroom (using that term loosely as it had no running water, but instead uses a lever system to run the blue scented "stuff" to wash the toilet bowl). It was also beside a stream which was a very pleasant sound.

While making the s'mores, Casey insisted that we tell "spooky stories and play spooky games." We told the stories - still not quite sure what she meant by "spooky games."

The kids turned in around 9:00 and Richard and I read ourselves to sleep around 11:00. Some time later, Tricky started screaming - as she usually does - so I put her in bed with us and grabbed the down blanket she had been wrapped in. I slept quite well once Tricky was with us. *NOTE TO SELF: A down blanket over two thermal blankets make for VERY toasty sleeping.*

Yesterday morning, after breakfast, we headed out for a longer hike - much longer than we had anticipated. We found an unmarked trail and decided to follow it. [When I say "unmarked," I mean it had no trail blazes - however, it was a very well-traveled path.] We walked up, up, up - over (or under) fallen trees, dodging poison ivy, looking at all of the various mushrooms along the way.

We eventually reached a waterfall - not the waterfall we had seen before, the waterfall the camping area was named for - this was a neat little waterfall set back from the unmarked trail. We spent quite some time there, went a little further on the trail, then decided to head back.

We packed up our things and headed out. It was so much fun! I only wish that we could have had company for our camping adventure.


trying4two99 said...

WHere did you go camping? It looks beautiful! We LOVE camping only usually my toliet is my 5 gallon bucket! lol Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!

Michele said...

After reading your descriptions of the FACILITIES, I really cannot comprehend why you invited ME. What about the past 4 years makes you think I would have made the trip pleasant?


Anonymous said...

Wish we could have come w/ you guys--maybe next time we get together! We are off to the wood for our annual extended "family" event in a few weeks.