Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Flowers - September 13 meeting

I think our Little Flowers meeting went well this morning. I finally feel as though we're really up and running and it thrills me to no end!

The first saint we're studying is Saint Catherine of Siena, a personal favorite for me - she's my patron saint! I read to the girls from one of the many books about saints that I own. When I got to the part where we learn that at times St. Catherine subsisted on nothing other than the Holy Eucharist, water and a spoonful of herbs a day, I had the girls take a pinch of Italian herbs (hey, St. Catherine was from Siena) and taste it. Many of the girls said, "Ew." And I told them that's sort of the point - St. Catherine "prayed with her body and soul" - she made sacrifices to God all of the time, including in what she ate. The herbs don't taste good (without being put on food), but that was the sacrifice St. Catherine made.

Our next meeting will be in early October - we'll talk about virtues and focus on the virtue of faith. Hopefully in late October or November, we can have our Sashing Ceremony!

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